TS-LS500 AutoLearn™ Electronic Line Leak Detection

INCON™ brand TS-LS500 AutoLearn™ electronic line leak detection (ELLD) learns the characteristics of each line, eliminating possible configuration errors and ensures unparalleled leak detection accuracy. It is an optional feature of T5 Series fuel management systems. The TS-LS500 AutoLearn™ ELLD system includes a statistical line leak detection (SLLD) feature which can be activated at high throughput sites that cannot accommodate the prolonged downtime necessary for static line leak detection testing.


» Automatically learns exact pipeline characteristics.
» No pipe type and length programming required.
» Monitors flexible, steel and/or fiberglass pipelines in any combination up to certified maximum values.
» Works with submersible pumps generating 25 psi or more.
» Automatically performs 3.0 gph, 0.2 gph and 0.1 gph line tests, as well as other line pressure checks.
» Includes the industry’s only statistical line leak detection (SLLD).
» Positive submersible pump shutdown in the event of a leak.
» Optional feature of T5 Series fuel management systems.
» For use in rigid, flex and rigid/flex piping configuration.
» Intrinsically safe and explosion proof options.
» Dispenser hook isolation and turbine pump interface (TPI) pump control options.
» Remote access to line pressure, test, and alarm information.


» Performs a 3.0 gph leak and pressure test after every dispense cycle or 45 min. Positive shutdown of the affected turbine(s) on test failure.
» Performs a 0.2 gph monthly and 0.1 gph annual precision leak test during the thermally stable periods of ne dispensing. Optional positive shutdown of the affected turbine(s) on test failure.
» Performs Pressure up, Catch pressure and other additional checks. Alarm only on test failure.


» TS-LSU500E UL, cUL
» Third party certification of leak detection capabilities


» Number of lines monitored: 8 (48*)
» Dispenser hook input channels: 12 (72*)
» STP control Relay output channels: 8 (50*)
» Turbine Pump Interface STP control with FE Petro intelligent controllers
» Applicable liquids: Gasoline, diesel, aviation fuels
* Maximum number when including additional options

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