The Worlds Leading AST and UST Containment Leak Repair Products

Top to Bottom... Sump Leak & Corrosion Problems Solved!

Watertight Covers & Sump Lids for Surface Water Leaks
Bonders for Sump Crack, Hole, & Seam Leak Repairs

Split‐Repair Fittings for Leaking Fittings (Ul Listed)
Instant WaterBlock for Active Water Intrusion
Moisture Absorbing Dry-Sack for Sumps & Spill Containment
Corrosion Preventing Vapor & Humidity Absorbers for STP Sumps

All Non-Corrosive & Non-‐Conductive Materials
Best in Class Anti‐Slip & Anti-Skid Surface
Advanced Structural Design‐ H20 Load Compliant
EN124-D400‐C250‐B125 Load Ratings Available
Industry First 15‐Year Warranty
42", 36", 30", & 24" Round Sizes
Low Maintenance‐ Watertight
Easy Installation & Easy Removal
15 Year Product Guarentee
Truly Watertight Design


Easy Replacement of Existing Lid, Bonded to Sump Top
Low Profile Watertight Design Fits into Limited and Tight Spaces
Simple Cam‐Lock Release and Seal with a Vertical Lift
Strong Fiberglass Design but Lightweight for Easy Removal
Replaces Lids in sizes from 24" to 36"
Split-Repair Fittings (UL LISTED)

Compatible Options for All Fitting, Pipe, and Sump Types and Sizes
No Disconnection of Sump Entry Pipe or Excavation Required
UL Listed ForTex Material, Ethanol Compatible, and Compression Sealed
Split-Repair Test Fittings

Pre‐assembled & Ready for Use
Standard Kits or Custom Configurations Available
Cost Competitive High Quality, Durable Materials
Split‐Repair Test Fittings for All Pipe Designs/Mfr's
Install and start testing in 40 minutes
Sump Structural Bonded Repairs

No Expensive Excavation or Sump Replacement Necessary!


Bonded Repair Applications for Both Fiberglass & Poly Sumps
Repair Seam Leaks, Cracks, and Holes‐ from Inside Sump
Technical Support & Training for Each Application
FastFoam - Instant Water Block
Immediate Foaming Action
Stops Active Water Leak in Seconds
No Need to Pump Down Ground Water
50ml, 215ml, 600ml Volumes Available

Corrosion Preventing
Vapor/Humidity Absorbant


Reduce Corrosion-Causing Fuel Vapor & Humidity
Prevent Costly Corrosion Damage and Repair
Low‐Cost Solution & 2‐3 Month Effectiveness

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