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Message from the General Manager

When we first found INTERPET in 1991 with my wife, Mrs. Yasemin, we accepted this quote from Robert Bosch: “I would rather lose money than trust” as our main principle. From that day to this one, 24 years have passed like the wind.

From the day of our foundation, regardless of the circumstances, we always acted in accordance with that principle and we will continue to do so from now on as well. INTERPET will never lose the trust of its customers. Size of a company is measured by the quality of that company’s good and services as well as its ability to remain true to its word. We derive our power from the eminent iservices we make to our industry, quality products that we provide and from the trust of people which was gained through holding our each and every promise.

Our honesty, ability to keep our promises, code of contacts and quality are our most important values that we can never surrender. In virtue of our commitment to those values we always will be worthy of the trust that is given to us. In the future of INTERPET, there lies to be the face of revolutionary technologies and standards related to this area in Turkey.

For that purpose, we will continue to serve all engineering solutions that contribute to the economy and are enviromental friendly to your needs with our international industry-leading partners.

In the light of these thoughts, our aim is to coalesce with the world by cooperating with companies whose quality has been proven by international standards and to be permanent forever. Hereby, we can summarize our thoughts with the following sentence:

“You’ll Never Regret Working with Us”

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