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Interpet, established in 1991 in Istanbul, is a specialized firm in the fields of gas station equipment supply and engineering services. Interpet carries out businesses as both producer and distributor in its main area of activity, which are petroleum equipment and engineering. Interpet has a wide range of product range including: the complete underground piping solutions for stations, fuel dispenser hardware, Lpg dispenser equipment, dispenser equipment for alternative energies (Cng, Hydrogen, Ad-Blue etc.), tight-fill offloading equipment, loading terminal equipment, cryogenic valves, lubrication equipment, transfer pumps and meters, and delivery truck equipment. In the field of engineering, it offers the following worldwide leading technologies and practices into the service of the industry: turn-key station projects, vapor recovery systems, the most environmental friendly storage tank, line and leak detector tests, a technological masterpiece of storage tank visual monitoring systems, double wall leak detection systems, electronic line leak detector systems, detailed fuel tank cleaning services, survey, maintenance and renovation.

In the early years, manufacturing mostly for domestic market and providing solutions to the petroleum and lpg industry in the field of swivels, breakaways, nozzle spouts, other dispenser accessories and spare parts, Interpet, also started to carry out the supply and installation of forecourt underground piping solutions for the oil companies via important distributorships it started to receive since year 2000. Thanks to its successful applications, Interpet has become one of the leading companies in this field and to better manage and support its growing network it has moved to its current premises in 2004.

Interpet, manufacturing the most comprehensive and cutting-edge technology dispenser equipment range in Turkey, reached to a level where it started to supply for the worldwide leader companies like Opw and Goodyear. In the beginning of 2007, by accomplishing a first in Turkey, it has received the Atex approvals for its manufacturing of dispenser accessories. Even today, Atex is the only certified producer of pump equipment in Turkey. It is still the only company in Turkey, as of the day this text was written, to manufacture Atex approved dispenser equipment.

In 2008, Interpet implemented the first practice of Stage 2 vapor recovery system with CVS2 central system solution of Opw for the first time in Turkey. In 2009, this time in another station, as an extension to CVS2, it implemented the vapor processor of Opw for the first time.

In 2010, Interpet introduced vacuum-acoustic tank test technology to Turkey for the first time and it totally altered the concept of testing in Turkey thanks to the know-how agreement made with American company Tanknology. Applying the most environment friendly and advanced technology test systems in Turkey, Interpet, also brought Petroscope technology to Turkey for detailed visual tank inspections.

In 2011, Interpet celebrated its 20th anniversary, and a year later it completed the construction and activation of its Interpet-2 building, which was located next to its main building. Once again in 2011, Interpet brought Megajet system from American company Gamajet which enables detailed cleaning of storage tanks fuel tank without manentry.

In 2012, once again for the first time in Turkey, it introduced variable length submersible pumps. Thanks to the Fe Petro variable length submersible pumps, manufactured by Franklin Fueling, it paved the way for the re-use of submersibles which have a long economic life and provided true Atex protection and manufacturer warranty for the station owners and oil companies.

As of 2014, being registered as a main contractor firm by all major oil companies, Interpet made a special HSSE agreement with its distributor network and started a project with a specialized 3rd party company to inspect the work carried out on forecourts. Having all its operations inspected on site and in house by this company, Interpet adjusts training programs accordingly and proceeds on its way by increasing its investments in HSSE field.

As of today, with its 15 distributorships, Interpet is the biggest distributor company, holding the greatest level of stocks and is the pioneer in the field of engineering and takes firm steps forward to maintain its leadership in this area.

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